Steve Bug, Anja Schneider, Gowk, Aicrag
Steve Bug, Anja Schneider, Gowk, Aicrag

Techno boffin Aicrag announces release via record label Gowk

AICRAG  announces his new work on GOWK. A work that consists of 4 polyrhythmic, energetic and solid techno tracks .This is a perfect example of AICRAG´s mastery working with hypnotic rhythms and his meticulously crafted synthesizers. Every detail of these tracks is based on the exploration of still unknown fringes of techno. The ep includes a remix by the Spanish master JOTON .

The Sahd EP is the first release from GOWK Recs. New techno label from Alicante, Spain. This first work by AICRAG consists of 3 polyrhythmic, minimalistic tracks + an intro. The EP starts with the track “Intro Gowk“, an atmosphere deep and hypnotic track with a peaceful soundscape.The second one, “Sahd” is a raw, rude and straight for the jugular track and precedes distorted, increases the tension thanks to a hi-hat composition reminiscent of a clock. Sign, provide us a new vision of the track, with a deeper bassline and a not than percutive composition, hypnotizing us with noisy hats and atmospheres. Finally, “Gravel“ is the last of the EP. With a groovy bassline, the track take us to the old school off beat techno, to close this reference.

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